Non Licenced Asbestos Removal:

Ferrari Demolition have a team of highly trained and experienced operatives (cat B) and can provide cost effective Non Licensed Asbestos Removal and disposal services to our clients.
Our asbestos removal services include the following under certain conditions

  • Removal of asbestos cement products, (eg roof sheeting and rainwater goods)
  • Removal of some textured decorative coatings
  • Removal of floor tiles
  • Removal of paints
  • Removal of bitumen, resins, rubber, etc) where the fibres are bound in a matrix

Licenced Asbestos Removal:

Although our company is not licenced to remove asbestos containing materials, which would require a 14 day notification to the Health and Safety Executive, we have and do work closely with licenced asbestos removal companies and can arrange for this service if required.


Although Ferrari Demolition do not personally carry out asbestos surveying, we can arrange for suitably competent/knowledgeable asbestos surveying companies to carry this out for us.

Asbestos surveying is a crucial process. It is essential not only for large construction projects but for any property owner who has a duty to manage any asbestos-containing materials.

A refurbishment asbestos survey becomes necessary when a building or part of the building requires being stripped out, or demolished.


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