Strip out

Ferrari Demolition have gained a wealth of experience in internal strip outs and offer a full strip out and waste disposal service.

Ferrari Demolition understand that each individual strip out project is very much unique, each specification is different and Ferrari Demolition have a dedicated team to assist you in your project.

Our extensive strip out portfolio range from the stripping out of but limited to – retail units ,office blocks and schools.

Ferrari Demolition have the experience and expertise in adopting the most efficient solutions and methods to ensure that all projects are carried out with in programme, with the least disturbance to others and giving back the building completely ready for fit out.

Ferrari Demolition offer strip out services but not limited to the removal of fixtures and fittings to a total strip out of all fixture’s fittings, finishes, walls, M&E, plant, escalators, passenger/goods lifts, mezzanine floor structure’s and any items back to the buildings original structure.

Or alternatively, completely strip structures back to their original core:

With internal strip outs we do not limit ourselves just to the removal of non-load bearing items or soft finishes we also offer a “hard strip” or “cut and carve” service which delves more into the main structure of a building.

Ferrari Demolition also offer further services, which would almost certainly be required, should load bearing parts of the structure have to be removed.

Ferrari Demolition are happy to price and carry out the following stand alone elements:

  • Removal of Mezzanine Structures.
  • Removal of wall and floor tiles.
  • Removal of carpets/vinyl’s.
  • Removal of false/plasterboard ceilings.
  • Removal of concrete/metal deck floors.
  • Roof removal, whether timber, steel framed, or concrete.
  • Lift shaft demolition, or merely lift car/running gear removal.
  • Mechanical and Electrical installations.
  • Stud partitions.
  • Brick/block, jumbo stud walling.
  • Doors, frames, skirting boards.
  • Lighting/signage.
  • Stair structures and or stair wells.
  • Escalators


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